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Ray Ban Sale EuNeed to have some sort of blanket reform here, said Kristen Staley, deputy director of the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency. Is a big fight, but it has to happen. Prisons have tried to reduce the use of solitary, Staley said. So the strain of being the target of a recall campaign is apparently getting to embattled Salinas City Councilman Jose Castaeda.On Friday morning several witnesses videotaped Castaneda driving on the Bardin Elementary School campus yelling catcalls at recall proponent Juan Sandoval and his associates."He was swearing and said that he was going to 'take me down' for what I was doing," Sandoval said later Friday.The problem with Castaeda driving his Nissan pickup truck on district property is that it violates a Jan. 10 warning letter sent to him by Alisal Union School District Superintendent John Ramirez banning him from all AUSD facilities.Ramirez further warned in the letter that should Castaeda violate the ban he could be found guilty of a misdemeanor and that the district would seek a permanent injunction against him.That latter part is being pursued, AUSD board President Maricela Cruz said in a brief message to Dome HQ.Just like his serial meeting violation earlier this month of the Brown Act, the state's open meetings law, Castaeda apparently thinks the law applies to everyone but him.I think it's time the council collectively stands up and says 'no mas' to this rogue.The body did it before when it successfully sued him off his AUSD board seat. It needs stand up against him again.Now it's time to formally censure him so it can be on record to Salinas residents and to the world that such bullying tactics and crude ploys are just not acceptable behavior for an elected leader at any level."It's getting so every time I turn around there's something with this guy. Psychologists have a doctoral degree, a PhD, in psychology. They have relatively the same number of years of training in university. They learn many different talking strategies to heal emotional pain and psychological issues. 9 at the Marconi. You can call Gloria Denneny at 705 759 2833 or Vickie Pavoni at 705 949 1369 for tickets. Irene Hall, CFP, FICB, PFP Financial Advisor CIBC Securities Inc. Definition of the word fracking in a dictionary.(Photo: Zerbor, Getty Images/iStockphoto)TALLAHASSEE A once unpopular proposal by Democrats to ban fracking inFlorida picked up influential support Tuesday from key Republicans in the state Senate, but its fate in the House is uncertain.Sen. Dana Young, R Tampa, joined fellow freshman Sen. Gary Farmer, D Fort Lauderdale, in supporting the ban of all types of an oil extraction method known as fracking."I want my children and all Floridians to have the same opportunities that I had to enjoy Florida," Young said of her bill proposing the ban.Young's oppositiontofracking is a reversal ofthe position she took last year as the House Majority Leader.

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